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Hi all I am currently working on a project where when a certain event happens details about the event including the time that the event occurred is added into a list array.

Once the method has finished I then pass on the list to another method that checks its values. Before I go through the loop I check the current time of my PC and I need to check whether the difference between the time saved in the list array and the current time is greater than 5 seconds.

How would I go about doing this.

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Assuming dateTime1 and dateTime2 are DateTime values:

var diffInSeconds = (dateTime1 - dateTime2).TotalSeconds;

In your case, you 'd use DateTime.Now as one of the values and the time in the list as the other. Be careful of the order, as the result can be negative if dateTime1 is earlier than dateTime2.

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DateTime has a Subtract method and an overloaded - operator for just such an occasion:

DateTime now = DateTime.UtcNow;
TimeSpan difference = now.Subtract(otherTime); // could also write `now - otherTime`
if (difference.TotalSeconds > 5) { ... }
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This version always returns the number of seconds difference as a positive number (same result as @freedeveloper's solution):

var seconds = System.Math.Abs((date1 - date2).TotalSeconds);
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I use this to avoid negative interval.

var seconds = (date1< date2)? (date2- date1).TotalSeconds: (date1 - date2).TotalSeconds;
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