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I'm attempting to generate a Maven archetype from an existing project. I'm using the maven-archetype-plugin 2.0. When Maven marks up my existing Java class files, it sets the package name to something similar:

package ${package}.${artifactId}.dao;

Instead, I want it to be

package ${package}.dao;

When the user creates a project based on the archetype, they typical specify groupId, artifactId, which then auto-fills the package name (using Eclipse).

groupId: com.mycompany
artifactId: aproject
[package: com.mycompany.aproject]

That leads to the double artifact name: com.mycompany.aproject.aproject.

I notice in the standard Maven archetypes, their Java source files are simply decorated with: package ${package}

Is there some setting that I'm missing to accomplish this?

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After trying multiple command line arguments to the maven-archetype-plugin, I found nothing that worked. So, I ended up doing a mass search/replace from ${package}.${artifactId} to ${package}. One swoop caught them all. Not optimal, but not difficult either. – user935265 Jan 20 '12 at 19:35
You can answer your own question with your solution and mark it as correct. That way, the question is no longer marked as unanswered. – Jan Mar 16 '12 at 10:21

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