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I would like to write some C++ program that can detect the presence of an USB expansion card, or an SD card reader without it necessarily having anything plugged in to it. Is this possible? In Linux?

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You might be interested by lsusb and udev programs. I don't know exactly what system calls they are actually doing. You could use strace to find out. –  Basile Starynkevitch Jan 20 '12 at 17:53

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if you know the exact vendor id and/or product id you could search for it, like this:

for (bus = busses; bus; bus = bus->next)
for (dev = bus->devices; dev; dev = dev->next)
  if ((dev->descriptor.idVendor == vendor) && (dev->descriptor.idProduct == product))
    return dev;

libusb tutorial

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Yes, You can get the idVendor and idProduct by a simple dmesg. And then, put a search condition for it just shown above by a knowledgeble man. If you want to dig deeper, and if you have a linux, then you can explore usb.h present in your <kernel_source>/drivers/usb/core. There is a structure : struct usb_device{}. If you yet more keen to explore then, you should check out driver.c and hub.c for methods like announce_device() which prints the USB device details after a dmesg. Explore it for good! :)

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