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I write my first module on nodejs. I need parse my site from google cache. Post is map of table post. When i try use this module i have this error: "TypeError: Cannot set property 'prototype' of undefined" How fix this error?It's my code:

module.exports = function Post(documentDOM,options)
    this.opts = $.extend({id:0,author_id:0},options);
    this.doc = documentDOM;
    this.post  = {
        id: 0,
        name: '',
        alt_name: '',
        notice: '',
        content: '',
        author: '',
        author_id: 0,

module.exports.Post.prototype = {
    init: function() {
        this.post.id = this.opts.id;
        this.post.author_id = this.opts.author_id;

    content: function() {
        content = this.doc.find('.fullnews-content').html();
            content = doc.find('.article-content').html();
        return content;


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module.exports = function Post((documentDOM,options)

I think you meant

module.exports.Post = function((documentDOM,options)

And then access it like this

var Post = require('./post.js').Post;

With the first you're making exports itself a named function, to modify it you would use module.exports.prototype.

Relevant study material: http://kangax.github.com/nfe/

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module.exports.Post = function Post(documentDOM,options) { ... } and module.exports.Post.prototype = {...} - It all in post.js. Then in app.js var Post = require('./post.js'); var post = new Post({},{}); And thay throw me error : Object.CALL_NON_FUNCTION_AS_CONSTRUCTOR (native) –  v.tsurka Jan 20 '12 at 18:05
@v.tsurka: var Post = require('./post.js').Post; var post = new Post({},{}); Since the function is now located at the .Post property of the exports, you need to access it via that property. –  squint Jan 20 '12 at 18:17
big thanks all worked fine! –  v.tsurka Jan 20 '12 at 18:21

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