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Is the ScrollToCaret in WinForms buggy?

I have a server that processes messages, a server that allows irc style communication. I'm working on a WinForms gui that interacts with the server.

The WinForms gui has a component that does reads/writes to the newtork. This component launches a thread to do continuous reading (receive) on the socket. This thread takes a delegate that allows the read message to be processed right away instead of being placed on an internal read queue that is built into the component. Then I have the main form that shows chat messages received and sent, among other things. Chat messages are stored in a RichTextBox. The chat log is update via method of the main form:

private void UpdateChatWindow(string text)
    lock (rtxt_msgLog)
        rtxt_msgLog.Text += Environment.NewLine + text;
        rtxt_msgLog.SelectionStart = rtxt_msgLog.Text.Length;

The above method is called from the main form as well as the thread that does the continuous reading of a socket.

If I have one GUI window open, the msgLog updates fine, scrolls to bottom. Focus() is not an issue, as the RichTextBox is never in focus as indicated by Focused property which always returns 'false'.

Weirdness stars when I launch a second GUI and log into the server. I start receiving Error on the first GUI launched when I do a send from it, while the second GUI works fine - receives the message sent from the first GUI, scrolls correctly to the bottom of the msgLog. After I send a few messages on the Error GUI, the error stops occurring on the first GUI and moves on to the second GUI. Now I receive the Error when trying to do a msg send on the second GUI. While all this is happening. When I send a msg on the first (now a non Error GUI) both GUIs scroll as they should. But when I send a msg on the Error GUI, none of the GUIs scroll, but they do receive the msg.

Interestingly enough, the Error never occurs when writing a received msg to the msgLog, which also makes use of the UpdateChatWindow method kicked off from the component thread I mentioned at the beginning. The send is initiated on the main form, so a separate thread from the one started by the network read/write component.

After typing this post up, I went back to my open GUIs and for the next few tries the Error was jumping between the GUIs, once shows up on the first GUI, next on the second, then back on the first, finally it's back on the second GUI and stays there. While the error was jumping between the GUIs, one GUI scrolled while the other did not, which also changed based on where the error was occurring.

I did see something on this site that might explain this. Is the reason behind my weirdness related to: "you are not able to directly do UI operations from another thread than the main UI thread"

Or is there more to it?

  • UPDATE 1

Apparently there are some conflicts on my system, WinXP SP2 64bit. May even have to do with my numerous .Net runtimes installed. GUI works without a hitch on my laptop WinXP SP3 32bit. Have 3 windows open and all work flawlessly. As soon as I open a GUI on my development comp, join the same server as the 3 laptop GUIs are on, the new GUI gets this Error, while the GUIs on the laptop are still fine. Typed in my problem into google and it seemed from the results like it may be a system configuration issue and it looks to be just that :(

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This is certainly the kind of weirdness you can expect when you try to use UI components like RichTextBox on a thread other than the main thread. Search your code for "CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls" and delete any assignments you find. – Hans Passant Jan 20 '12 at 19:32
Did a project search and did not come up anywhere. I don't remember ever writing that, so unless VS puts that there by default for default WinForms then it won't be present. – user983110 Jan 20 '12 at 20:32

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