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Trying to get ediff-revision working on hg (mercurial-1.8.4) repo using Emacs v23.2 (9.0) on OS X Lion. I found this answer for the 1st part of my problem but now I'm getting this from Emacs ediff-revision:

M-x ediff-revision Compare revisions for file (default .hgtags): ~/myrepo.hg/.hgtags Revision 1 to compare (default .hgtags's latest revision): Revision 2 to compare (default .hgtags's current state):

and I get the following response:

Checking out /Users/username/repo.hg/.hgtags.~tip~...
apply: Wrong number of arguments: (lambda (file &optional editable rev) "Retrieve a revision of FILE.
EDITABLE is ignored.
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Try setting the variable debug-on-error to true. When the error happens, a buffer called *Backtrace* should be shown - add the contents of this buffer to your question. – Luke Girvin Jan 21 '12 at 16:48
Also, load libraries ediff.el and ediff-util.el before provoking the error. That will give you more and better information in *Backtrace*, because it will refer to source code instead of byte-compiled code. This is typically a good idea whenever you intend to use the debugger. – Drew Aug 18 '13 at 4:08

Seems you are using an old emacs/vc/vc-hg version. Simply upgrading is probably the easiest solution.

I had a similar problem, which I could solve bit by bit by improving small settings and even made a patch. It never really solved all. Until I upgrade to a recent emacs (and support file); I use the Aquamacs distribution now, which works great on the Mac. (Although it's keybindings are more mac the traditional-emacs)

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