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I am using Prism 4.0 with MEF. My application uses the [ImportingConstructor] attribute on its classes to construct objects. I need to gain access to the objects constructed. I believe Prism has a list of all the objects it created. Help me find the SomeObjectListSomewhere as shown below.


public class Foo
    private readonly INoob _noob;

    public Foo(INoob noob)
        _noob = noob

public class NotNoob
    public GoAction()
        // I need Access to all INoob constructed objects here
        foreach (INoob noob in SomeObjectListSomewhere)
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Maybe you could do something simple like

IEnumerable<INoob> Noobs { get; set; }

Then use the Noobs collection and simply loop through the list like you do in GoAction().

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