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Which flag should i use for create a file if not exists? Please not that i'll close the point right after fopen() because the "hard part" (decoding the encrypted content) is carried by load() function (decoding logic is not shown):

Class MyClass
   protected $filename, $data;

   public function __construct($filename)
       $this->filename = $filename;

       // Create if not exists
          $fp = fopen($this->filename, '');


   public function load()
      $data = file_get_contents($this->filename);
      $this->data = $data === false ? array() : $data;
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The flag is 'a+'. – devdRew Jan 20 '12 at 18:42

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wb is about all you'd need. Open a file for writing, truncate any file which already exists, set the file pointer to the start of this new file, and enable binary mode (which prevents PHP from translating line-ending characters on certain platforms like Windows).

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'a+', here manual. Ensure that permissions for the dir is ok.

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