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Apache Maven 3.0.3 and a src/main/resources/ file with


and a pom.xml file with


When I run "mvn clean package", I get a target/classes/ file with filtering


However, the file that is included in the jar has not been filtered.


Why is the file that is included in the jar not filtered? According to the documentation, the filtered properties file(s) from target/classes ought to be included in the jar.

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I tested this out as you described it and it works for me. Strange. Have you configured the maven-jar-plugin in your pom.xml? If so I would like to see that. – BenjaminLinus Jan 20 '12 at 22:49
Thanks, @BenjaminLinus. For my setup, the problem was in the configuration of the maven-bundle-plugin. I needed to add <Include-Resources>{maven-resources}</Include-Resources>. – bob slipper Jan 26 '12 at 0:20
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Needed to add <Include-Resources>{maven-resources}</Include-Resources> to configuration of maven-bundle-plugin.

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Thanks for making this post, bob. My solution looked a little different, perhaps because I am using a later version of the plugin:

      The plugin must be instructed to retrieve the filtered files from the "target/classes" directory.
      Otherwise, it will copy the unfiltered versions in "src/main/resources" to the JAR.
      <Include-Resource>{maven-resources}, {}</Include-Resource>
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