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I would like to replace the all digits in a number with *, other than the last 4.

Here is my table:

PersonID PersonBadgeNumber numeric(16,0)
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Please post some example data, and before/after example, and correct grammar mistakes in question. (Clarify what "replace the all digits" means.) ty! –  Nick Vaccaro Jan 20 '12 at 19:13

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Another method is to use STUFF():

DECLARE @n numeric (16, 0);
SET @n = 1234567890123456;
SELECT STUFF(@n, 1, LEN(@n) - 4, REPLICATE('*', LEN(@n) - 4))

The above returns:

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Something like this will work...

DECLARE @badgeId Numeric(16, 0) = 1238985495;
  REPLICATE('*', LEN(@badgeId) - 4) +
  RIGHT(@badgeId, 4);
-- Produces: ******5495

To use it in a query do this:

  REPLICATE('*', LEN(PersonBadgeNumber) - 4) +
  RIGHT(PersonBadgeNumber, 4) RedactedBadgeNumber
FROM Person;
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