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When Gallio starts up to start running our regression test with watiN, I get the following error:

           [gallio] Gallio NAnt Task - Version 3.2 build 744
           [gallio] Start time: 1:07 PM
           [gallio] Stop time: 1:07 PM (Total execution time: 0.285 seconds)

        BUILD FAILED - 0 non-fatal error(s), 2 warning(s)


        System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'Gallio.Runner.Projects.DefaultTestProjectManager' to type 'Gallio.Runner.Projects.ITestProjectManager'. at Gallio.Runtime.Extensibility.RegistryServiceLocator.Resolve[TService]() in c:\Server\Projects\MbUnitv3.2\Work\src\Gallio\Gallio\Runtime\Extensibility\RegistryServiceLocator.cs:line 52 at Gallio.Runner.TestLauncher.RunWithRuntime() in c:\Server\Projects\MbUnit v3.2\Work\src\Gallio\Gallio\Runner\TestLauncher.cs:line 513 at Gallio.Runner.TestLauncher.Run() in c:\Server\Projects\MbUnitv3.2\Work\src\Gallio\Gallio\Runner\TestLauncher.cs:line 480 at Gallio.NAntTasks.GallioTask.RunLauncher(TestLauncher launcher)
           at Gallio.NAntTasks.GallioTask.InternalExecute()
           at Gallio.NAntTasks.GallioTask.ExecuteTask()
           at NAnt.Core.Task.Execute()
           at NAnt.Core.Target.Execute()
           at NAnt.Core.Project.Execute(String targetName, Boolean forceDependencies)

Any advice on how to resolve this?

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Try upgrading to Gallio 3.3.1.

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