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I have particular set of files for toggle effect. When I use these two files separtely it works for me. But I use to copy the files with collection of my js files so it start giving me error. Its giving me conflicting error. When firebug. It shows error on first file.

$(document).ready(function() {


Firebug Error is:

$(".toggle_block").toggleElements is not a function

Its minified version is on jsfiddle link.

Every time I got conflicting error, I use to remove it using $.noConflict(); and sometime it sorted out my error also. But this time Its not helping me. I want to permanently sorted out this problem. Here also I have commented noconflict code.

Request please don't provide me link to read noConflict function. I have read it many times. If you define in more better way then I would be pleased.

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$(document).ready(function() {



In javascript the $ is not a special character - unlike PHP where it indicates the start of a variable, in javacript it is just another character and can be used as part of any variable. jQuery has decided to use the variable var $ as a shortcut to the jQuery object. Again, because $ isnt a special reserved word for jQuery, any library or script may also try to use it, which will cause conflicts.

The $.noConflict(); function tells jQuery to give up control of the $ variable and restores it to whatever other library was using it. After you call it, $ no longer represents jQuery. This is why you get the error message.

The solution I posted above works because it does not use the $ alias to set up the document.ready function and instead uses the full jQuery object. Also, the ready() function gets passed the jQuery object as a parameter... so by using $ as the parameter name, the $ variable now represents jQuery once again, but only within the scope of the document.ready function.

The library you linked to in jsfiddle is set up properly to use no-conflict mode, so its possible you have a conflicting library but are never telling jquery to use no-conflict mode. Try adding the noconflict call above the document ready.. IE

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Where ever I am getting this error I have to change this... Please explain wat its actually doing.. – Rahul Singh Jan 20 '12 at 19:52
Though the error has been removed from my first file whose code I have pasted above. But now Its giving me error on my library whose jsfiddle link I have provided. – Rahul Singh Jan 20 '12 at 20:02
I Updated the original post with more information – jakraska Jan 21 '12 at 20:56
For this method is there a way that you can make a website work both with jQuery or with $ because half the site is done in a manner and the plugins are al in the opposite manner. ? – MRR Feb 15 '12 at 11:31
the jQuery object is always available unless you call noconflict with a parameter of true jQuery.noConflict(true); . the $ is just a shortcut to it. You should be able to safely wrap all your sites code in this without a problem. – jakraska Feb 15 '12 at 15:39

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