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I am running Bamboo 3.4.2. I have 2 plans (among many), one scheduled and one commit triggered, that I need to prevent running at the same time as they conflict. They are in the same Project so if there is a way to only allow one Plan in a Project to run that would be entirely acceptable. I am entirely willing to commit an agent to just service that Project but I can't find a way of doing that.

Thanks, Matthew

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Here's one pretty easy way to do this.

On the 2 plans in question, set a requirement for a particular capability, such as "MachineName" equals "Bob".

Then set up the single agent you would like to run those plans and give it a capability such that it matches, like "MachineName" equals "Bob".

Obviously, "Bob" may not be the ideal choice there.

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Worked great, thanks. It does seem like they could have created a more straight forward way of doing it that wouldn't require creating an affinity to a particular agent, like a "don't run when these jobs are running" property. –  Matthew Nichols Jan 23 '12 at 16:21

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