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I'm building a Windows Phone 7.5 app that needs to play videos that are pulled from a remote XML feed. Some of these videos are in .mov format, while others are in .mp4 format. The .mp4's play just fine, but the .mov's don't play (just a blank screen). I'm using MediaElement to play these files. Is there any way to make MediaElement play .mov files?

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On a Windows Phone? No.

The MediaElement uses whatever codecs are available and installed. Since you can't install your own codecs and only ships with a certain number of codecs, you cannot play them.

The QuickTime Format is just a container around MPEG-4 - it should be very simple to transcode them to MP4 (Which is supported) if you have control over the source.

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That's the problem - I don't have control of the source. Thank you for the input though. – bfink Jan 20 '12 at 20:55

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