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SOLR reports the term occurrence for terms over all the documents. I am having trouble making a query that returns the term occurrence in a specific page field called, documentPageId.

I don't know how to issue a proper SOLR query that returns a word count for a paragraph of text such as the term "amplifier" for a field. For some reason it only returns.

The things I've tried only return a count for 1 occurrence of the term even though I see the term in the paragraph more than just once.

I've tried faceting on the field, "contents"


<lst name="facet_counts">
<lst name="facet_queries">
<int name="amplifier">21</int>
<lst name="facet_fields">
<lst name="documentPageId">
<int name="49667.1">1</int>
<int name="49667.10">1</int>
<int name="49667.11">1</int>
<int name="49667.12">1</int>
<int name="49667.13">1</int>
<int name="49667.14">1</int>
<int name="49667.15">1</int>
<lst name="facet_dates"/>
<lst name="facet_ranges"/>

In schema.xml:

In solrconfig.xml:

   <str name="facet.field">filewrapper</str>
   <str name="facet.field">caseNumber</str>
   <str name="facet.field">pageNumber</str>
   <str name="facet.field">documentId</str>
   <str name="facet.field">contents</str>
   <str name="facet.query">documentId</str>
   <str name="facet.query">caseNumber</str>
   <str name="facet.query">pageNumber</str>
  <str name="facet.field">documentPageId</str>
   <str name="facet.query">contents</str>

Thanks in advance,

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You need to use TermVectorsComponent to get term frequency for a give document. Facets won't get you there.

Please read the wiki at TermVectorCompoment.

The option tv.tf will return the term frequency for a given field on per document basis. Make sure the field that you are interested in has the termVectors enabled (termVectors="true" ) .

<field name="pageField" type="text" indexed="true" stored="true" termVectors="true" />

Note: Enabling term vectors will increase the index size & the time required to index. So be wary of this and do benchmark before & after.

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Great! This worked well. However, to speed up the query, how can I limit it to a specific term inside the document page. It is returning all the terms and their frequency count. –  solr_user Jan 23 '12 at 16:19
I guess by document page you mean a field in Solr. Right now if you check the implementation of Solr TermVectorComponent it uses Lucene 'IndexReader.getTermFreqVector' internally & there is no meaningful way to get TermVector Information only for a set of terms in field. But since the cost of computing most of term vectors is incurred during index time, it should be faster to retrieve, one way to restrict is to get it only for a particular field, document & perhaps just tf, but it depends on your application's design & usage. –  mailboat Jan 23 '12 at 18:13
Looks like you have to do 2 queries. THe first query for getting the term frequency in each page, and the second query to get the offsets. Doesn't look like you can do both. –  solr_user Jan 24 '12 at 21:29
Term Frequency Query [link]localhost:8080/solr/select/… –  solr_user Jan 24 '12 at 21:30
Term Offset Query [link]localhost:8080/solr/select/… The problem with the second query is that it gives the offsets for all the terms it indexed. You can't limit it to just the term "amplifiers"? –  solr_user Jan 24 '12 at 21:31

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