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I have received a recent request to create a query that returns the top 100 customers by revenue per week. I can obviously and easily return the top 100 customers as a whole but when I add in the week attribute, my query times out. I was just wondering if some out there has run into this or has been able to produce a comparable query?

My query that works without week present. :

     SELECT NON EMPTY { [Measures].[Revenue] } ON COLUMNS, 
NON EMPTY TopCount ( { ([Customer].[Customer Id].[Customer Id].ALLMEMBERS * [Customer].[Name].[Name].ALLMEMBERS  ) }, 100, [Measures].[Revenue])  ON ROWS 

My query with week present that just times out everything completely. :

SELECT NON EMPTY { [Measures].[Revenue] } ON COLUMNS, 
NON EMPTY TopCount ( { ([Customer].[Customer Id].[Customer Id].ALLMEMBERS * [Customer].[Name].[Name].ALLMEMBERS * [Date Link].[Week].[Week].ALLMEMBERS ) }, 100, [Measures].[Revenue])  ON ROWS 
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Wouldn't this give you the top 100 customers and the week they were top in? So customer A could be in 1st position in week one, 5th position in week two, and so on, but you'd get 100 rows in total not 100 per week?

Try something like

SELECT NON EMPTY { [Measures].[Revenue] } ON COLUMNS, 
[Date Link].[Week].[Week].ALLMEMBERS *
TopCount ( { ([Customer].[Customer Id].[Customer Id].ALLMEMBERS * [Customer].[Name].[Name].ALLMEMBERS ) }, 100, [Measures].[Revenue])  

I think you may need to use GENERATE instead of * with the week members, can't remember and trying to do this off the top of my head ;)

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Marking as answer as this is the closest I have got to one. This is providing me with results but not 100 customers a week. It is showing 90 some weeks and 70 on another, I will research using the generate function for this. Thanks as this will give me some more direction. – Bill Blankenship Jan 25 '12 at 14:38
@UserSmith have you checked those weeks, and are you 100% sure there are at least 100 customers with measures.revenue for that week alone? – Meff Jan 25 '12 at 15:40
Yes, I checked this to make sure via sql. That was my first guess also. I am going to check later as I believe someone is updating data and it could be giving me mixed results. Again thanks for your direction on this. – Bill Blankenship Jan 25 '12 at 16:54
Rechecked after updating went through the issue was that with this test data I am reviewing did not have 100 customers present.....good call. – Bill Blankenship Jan 25 '12 at 17:25

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