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I have two files, node.py and path.py, which define two classes, Node and Path, respectively.

Up to today, the definition for Path referenced the Node object, and therefore I had done

from node.py import *

in the path.py file.

However, as of today I created a new method for Node that references the Path object.

I had problems when trying to import path.py: I tried it, and when the program ran and called the Path method that uses Node, an exception rose about Node not being defined.

What do I do?

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Are you trying to have one class per file? This is why that rarely works out well. –  S.Lott May 21 '09 at 20:26
Agree with S.Lott. Python is not Java. You don't need one class per file. –  Daniel Roseman May 21 '09 at 21:34

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Importing Python Modules is a great article that explains circular imports in Python.

The easiest way to fix this is to move the path import to the end of the node module.

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Okay, but the thing is, I have two other modules tree.py and block.py in that package that require node.py and are required by path.py. So am I supposed to put them all in one file? I liked having one module per class. –  Ram Rachum May 21 '09 at 20:23
Have you tried my suggestion? It'll probably work. Just move the import to the end of the file. I advice you to read the article to understand why this is happening. –  Nadia Alramli May 21 '09 at 20:27
You're right Nadia. I misread your suggestion at first. It worked. –  Ram Rachum May 21 '09 at 20:35
By the way, is there some reason other than you "liking" it that you want one class per module? The few times I've seen this preference, it was because it's Java-like. –  tzot May 22 '09 at 0:59
@NadiaAlramli Thank you for the article and the solution. The solution worked to get me through my time crunch and the article will give me something to do while I'm waiting on my boss in the morning. –  Jake Jul 2 '12 at 10:11

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