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I was wondering whether it's possible to change the rubyLocalVariableOrMethod color in a mytheme.vim color scheme file.

I am currently extending the ir_black theme which I really like, and want to overwrite just a few a colors for certain keywords.

This is my current color scheme that extends from ir_black.

runtime colors/ir_black.vim

let g:colors_name = "mytheme"

hi rubyDefine ctermfg=darkblue
hi rubyFunction ctermfg=lightblue
hi rubyConstant ctermfg=lightblue
hi rubyString ctermfg=green
hi rubyInteger ctermfg=red
hi rubyFloat ctermfg=red
hi rubyLocalVariableOrMethod ctermfg=white

Everything works as expected except for hi rubyLocalVariableOrMethod ctermfg=white. The color remains something that looks like gray. I thought perhaps ir_black was setting a certain value that my rubyLocalVariableOrMethod could not overwrite, but I failed to find anything.

Perhaps someone more experienced in VIM could help me out with this.

This is the link to the ir_black I'm using:

This is the ruby syntax file I am using:

Any help figuring out why I'm failing to overwrite the gray-looking color would be much appreciated!

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Turns out my Terminal (iTerm2)'s Foreground property wasn't set to "full white". Didn't expect that to have any influence, but good to know in case anyone else runs in to this gotcha.

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Mine was actually "display transparent" in the syntax highlighting plugin.

92:syn match rubyLocalVariableOrMethod "\<[_[:lower:]][_[:alnum:]]*[?!=]\=" contains=NONE display transparent

I removed it and magic!

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