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This works:

shell_exec('convert Q39.pdf Q39.png');

Whereas this doesn't:

$id = 39; shell_exec('convert Q$id.pdf Q$id.png');

Within another shell_exec with another command (pdflatex) it works. Somehow the $id is ignored, so the file isn't found, so by doing:

$id = 39; shell_exec('convert Q39.pdf Q$id.png');

I get a correct file named Q.png.

Any ideas how I can solve this?

Thanks in advance.

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To use variables in string-literals you have to either use the double quotes:

$id = 39; shell_exec("convert Q$id.pdf Q$id.png");

or concatenate them:

$id = 39; shell_exec('convert Q'.$id.'.pdf Q'.$id.'.png');

I'd recommend the second way as it is more readable when using syntax highlighting.

Or even better, ensure it's always a decimal:

$id = 39; shell_exec(sprintf('convert Q%1$d.pdf Q%1$d.png', $id));

This will also show you which variables are used to build the command.

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Works like a charm. Thanks! –  Geoff Jan 20 '12 at 23:02

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