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I am trying to get some sort of notification or event when a new window is opened in Windows OS using Java with JNA. This is different from JNA's FileMonitor.FileEvent which will notify me of changes in the filesystem (i.e. when a new file is added to a directory etc.).

My goal has to do with when an actual window is opened. Is there a way to get an event of when a new window is opened (i.e. a new window handle) as opposed to polling periodically with EnumWindows to see when a new handle is returned?

I realize there may be a workaround for this using FileMonitor.FileEvent (perhaps a way to tell when a file is opened in a window?), but I have not discovered it yet.

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I don't know about the JNA part, but you'll likely need to use either the Win32 APIs SetWindowsHookEx, perhaps with CBT hook, or SetWinEventHook for EVENT_OBECT_CREATE/SHOW events (and filter for top-level HWNDs). The latter of these has the advantage that it can be used without requiring a separate DLL (use WINEVENT_OUTOFCONTEXT flag), wheras the former requires a separate C++ dll. –  BrendanMcK Jan 21 '12 at 0:44
thank you for the tips, I will look into these. –  kevin Jan 22 '12 at 21:39
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