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I am using multiple heroku servers that share the same DB. I would like to have each server only process delayed jobs for the server that created the delayed job entry.

For example:

Server A only processes queue "server_a"

Server A only processes queue "server_b"


This is accomplishable by using Delayed Job 3 (

However, for this to work I would need to manually assign a queue name for each delayed job created, which can be a pain. (for example: object.delay(:queue => 'tracking').method)

Instead I would like to be able to assign a "default queue" for all new jobs. Ideally, I put something like this in a delayed_job_config.rb & it works:


... the idea being that I do nothing to existing delayed jobs & they automatically get assigned a queue with the same name as the app server.

I am looking for suggestions on how to accomplish this -- or if you want to give it a stab, throw some code my way.

Thanks in advance!

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In config/initializers/delayed_job.rb

Delayed::Worker.default_queue_name = `hostname`.chomp

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