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I'm having issues loading CSV data into the current active workbook, but in a separate sheet.

Right now I'm downloading temporary data into this separate (hidden) sheet, and will refer to it in other sheets. The spreadsheet is approx 4MB, and is updated daily.

How can I get VBScript to load this CSV into a staticly named sheet that would be cleared prior to loading?

 URLDownloadToFile 0, fileURL, "%tmp%\tmpExchDBData.csv", 0, 0

Dim dbSheet As Worksheet Dim targetSheet As Worksheet

Workbooks.Open Filename:="%tmp%\tmpExchDBData.csv", _ Format:=2 ' use comma delimiters Set dbSheet = ActiveSheet

Set targetSheet = Workbooks("Book1").Sheets(3) ' wherever you want to move it to

dbSheet.Move After:=targetSheet ' dbSheet is now in your workbook.

' Hide it. Set dbSheet = ActiveSheet dbSheet.Visible = xlSheetHidden

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Importing CSV, especially regularly importing the same CSV file, can be done by defining it as a data source. Select the sheet you want it in, Data Ribbon, From Text.

Once defined you have spectacularly useful options in the connection properties such as "Refresh data when opening" or "Refresh every x minutes".

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