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  • I have over 100 fields and I am looking for a way so that I can just export the entire collection as CSV format

  • The command-line is asking to provide all fields via

-f [ --fields ] arg comma seperated list of field names e.g. -f name,age

  • is there a way to get the entire collection like using dump but not in bson format?
  • I need CSV data

Thank you

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mongodb have no export command for CSV dump? Even nowadays, 2015? – Peter Krauss Sep 22 '15 at 9:51
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You could create a file with the field names (may be easier for you):

--fieldFile arg         file with fields names - 1 per line

In your case they might all be the same but the reason you have to specify the field names is because they could be different for every document however the field names in the csv must be fixed.

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In bash you can create this "" and pass the database name as the only argument (feel free to reduce this to a single collection):


dbname=$1 #put "database name" here if you don't want to pass it as an argument

collections=`mongo $dbname --eval "rs.slaveOk();db.getCollectionNames();" --quiet`;

for ((i=0; i<${#collectionArray[@]}; ++i));
    keys=`mongo $dbname --eval "rs.slaveOk();var keys = []; for(var key in db.${collectionArray[$i]}.findOne()) { keys.push(key); }; keys;" --quiet`;
    mongoexport --db $dbname --collection ${collectionArray[$i]} --fields "$keys" --csv --out $dbname.${collectionArray[$i]}.csv;

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