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I'm trying to consume an atom feed using the jersey-client library but not having much luck. This is the code I'm using:

    Client client = Client.create();
    ClientResponse response = client.resource("").accept(MediaType.APPLICATION_ATOM_XML).get(ClientResponse.class);
    String responseString = response.getEntity(String.class);

Which originally led to me getting this exception:

E/AndroidRuntime(13126): java.lang.NullPointerException E/AndroidRuntime(13126): at javax.ws.rs.core.MediaType.valueOf(MediaType.java:119) E/AndroidRuntime(13126): at > com.sun.jersey.api.client.ClientResponse.getType(ClientResponse.java:614) E/AndroidRuntime(13126): at com.sun.jersey.api.client.ClientResponse.getEntity(ClientResponse.java:531) E/AndroidRuntime(13126): at com.sun.jersey.api.client.ClientResponse.getEntity(ClientResponse.java:506) E/AndroidRuntime(13126): at com.pivotallabs.tracker.TweetsService.onHandleIntent(TweetsService.java:55) E/AndroidRuntime(13126): at android.app.IntentService$ServiceHandler.handleMessage(IntentService.java:59) E/AndroidRuntime(13126): at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(Handler.java:99) E/AndroidRuntime(13126): at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:130) E/AndroidRuntime(13126): at android.os.HandlerThread.run(HandlerThread.java:60)

I tried to use the solution from this question - Jersey client in android with protocol buffer - which involved writing a custom ServiceIteratorProvider and that got rid of the first problem but then created a new problem where the ServiceIteratorProvider was looking for an implementation of com.sun.jersey.client.proxy.ViewProxyProvider.

I created a fake implementation of that:

public class FakeViewProvider implements com.sun.jersey.client.proxy.ViewProxyProvider {

    public <T> ViewProxy<T> proxy(Client client, Class<T> tClass) {
        Class[] interfaces = new Class[] {tClass};
        return (ViewProxy<T>) Proxy.newProxyInstance(tClass.getClassLoader(), interfaces, new Delegator(interfaces, new Object[]{}));

And plugged it in just before the call to Client.create:

ServiceFinder.setIteratorProvider(new Buscador());

...but now I get this error instead:

E/AndroidRuntime(12789): java.lang.NullPointerException E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.spi.service.ServiceFinder.toClassArray(ServiceFinder.java:595) E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.core.spi.component.ProviderServices.getServiceClasses(ProviderServices.java:318) E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.core.spi.component.ProviderServices.getServiceClasses(ProviderServices.java:311) E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.core.spi.component.ProviderServices.getServices(ProviderServices.java:159) E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.api.client.Client.init(Client.java:249) E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.api.client.Client.access$000(Client.java:118) E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.api.client.Client$1.f(Client.java:191) E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.api.client.Client$1.f(Client.java:187) E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.spi.inject.Errors.processWithErrors(Errors.java:193) E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.api.client.Client.(Client.java:187) E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.api.client.Client.(Client.java:159) E/AndroidRuntime(12789): at com.sun.jersey.api.client.Client.create(Client.java:669)

I'm pretty much stuck so if anyone has any ideas/has solved this problem then that'd be cool!

Cheers, Mark

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For me is more that you put the FakeViewProvider class into wrong directory. SPI is trying to get it but to no avail. Look at [weblogs.java.net/blog/2006/04/07/… for how to configure SPI correctly. –  Artem Oboturov Apr 3 '12 at 14:16
META-INF/services/jersey-client-components –  Artem Oboturov Apr 3 '12 at 14:21
Maybe this answer will help you. –  rAy Aug 29 '13 at 9:30
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2 Answers

you should wrap your code in
if(response.getStatus() == Response.Status.OK && response.hasEntity()){...} Are you sure the request is returning non-empty response?

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I tried adding that conditional statement to the code but it still throws the same exception. The interesting thing is that the same code when just run on my machine rather than Android works fine... –  Mark Needham Jan 22 '12 at 16:40
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This is working:


I used only the NetworkHelper and the enum.

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