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I am having trouble trying to pass an valuable after the user fail the authorization. I would like to pass $error to the welcome controller but not sure how. Please help. Thank you.

  private function _user_check()
                 //after form validation, I pass username and password to the model


                    // I am not sure how to pass this error message to my welcome controller
                    $data['error']='Please check your username or password';

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In the redirect function, you aren't providing a full URL, so CI is going to treat the parameter as an URI segments to the controller.

Knowing this, you could have something like:


and have your "error_user_pass" that is being passed reference error constants defined in your CI project.

Maybe something like this in your application/config/constants.php file:

define('error_user_pass', 'incorrect user or password, please check yo self!');

Then in your 'welcome' controller having something like this:

class Welcome extends CI_Controller {
  public function error(){
    $errors = func_get_args();
    foreach( $errors as $error ){
      //echo error, or save it, or whatev
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great! Thanks for help. – FlyingCat Jan 21 '12 at 1:12

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