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Is any place I can download Treebank of English phrases for free or less than $100? I need training data containing bunch of syntactic parsed sentences (>1000) in English in any format. Basically all I need is just words in this sentences being recognized by part of speech.

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Does NLTK not contain a sizeable subset of the Penn Treebank? –  Hans Then Sep 7 '13 at 0:12
@on-hold: actually, this is a very useful question and the answers are also very useful, since these are comparatively scarce resources. Mind, this is not a "is A better then B" question, but a "list all resources of type X under condition Y". –  rec Sep 7 '13 at 18:03

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NLTK (for Python) offers several treebanks for free.

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Thanks, +1. I'm not familiar with Python, so advise me please how can I parse this *.pickle files? Is any converter to something more user friendly like XML or just plain text? –  YMC Jan 21 '12 at 0:35
What pickle file? The Treebanks are in text format. E.g., nltk.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/nltk_data/packages/corpora/… . –  cyborg Jan 21 '12 at 0:47

Here are a couple available for free:

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what about Penn Treebank? I hope it will be free or atleast afordable. http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~treebank/cdrom2.html

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It costs $3150 at LDC: ldc.upenn.edu/Catalog/CatalogEntry.jsp?catalogId=LDC99T42 –  YMC Jan 21 '12 at 0:36
It's included, along with lots of other treebanks, in OntoNotes 4.0 ldc.upenn.edu/Catalog/catalogEntry.jsp?catalogId=LDC2011T03 which is free (though you have to pay a distribution cost). –  Jeff Kaufman Sep 21 '12 at 12:47

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