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I have a Component that uses MigLayout as its LayoutManager. It is set to grow inside the JScrollPane to occupy the whole available width. So if I resize the appliation's frame, the JScrollPane is as wide as the frame is and the inside component is as well.

However, when I shrink the frame, the grown component inside the JScrollPane just keeps its width and does not shrink, so horizontal scrollbars are displayed.

I am aware of JScrollpane needs to shrink its width and implemented the Scrollable-Interface with getScrollableTracksViewportWidth=true but MigLayout does not seem to honor it.

Any advice? thanks

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I solved it with following scala-snippet. Scala's Scrollable is just a fake wrapper, you are supposed to implement the Java-Scrollable...

import javax.swing.JPanel
import javax.swing.{Scrollable => JScrollable}
import javax.swing.BoxLayout
import java.awt.Dimension
import java.awt.Rectangle
import scala.swing.SequentialContainer
import scala.swing.Orientation
import scala.swing.Scrollable
import scala.swing.Panel

class ScrollablePanel extends Panel with SequentialContainer.Wrapper with Scrollable.Wrapper {

  var scrollIncrement: Int = 10
  var blockScrollIncrement: Int = 50

  val allowVerticalScrolling: Boolean   = true
  val allowHorizontalScrolling: Boolean = false

  override lazy val peer = new JPanel with SuperMixin with JScrollable {
    def getPreferredScrollableViewportSize: Dimension =

    def getScrollableTracksViewportHeight: Boolean =

    def getScrollableTracksViewportWidth: Boolean =

    def getScrollableBlockIncrement(visibleRect: Rectangle, orientation: Int, direction: Int): Int =

    def getScrollableUnitIncrement(visibleRect: Rectangle, orientation: Int, direction: Int): Int =

  final protected def scrollablePeer: JScrollable = peer
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Thanks for posting this, it's exactly the answer I needed for my own project. –  Talin Jan 25 '13 at 7:07

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