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We are using backends to parallelize large batches of work for our users. This involves adding 100's of tasks to a dedicated queue which spreads the tasks across 5 dynamic backends. Many of these tasks do a url fetch to external web services.

When we run this for one user it seems to work fine but as soon as we run it for many users (e.g. in a nightly batch run) we see most of the backends eventually stopping processing new tasks.

We've tried rate limiting it but that has not helped either. I can manually stop the backends that are frozen and new ones will fire up and start processing until they too freeze. Eventually it all completes after a few iterations of stopping frozen servers.

Obviously this is severely limiting our ability to scale so I'm wondering how to diagnose this problem. We cannot reproduce this on localhost since its not really multi-threaded and doesn't truly replicate the deployed data patterns.

We could possibly handle this by using pull queues but that's more code to write and I'd rather let the queue/backend scheduler do that work for us.

What I'd like to do is attach a profiler or jconsole to a backend - that would immediately tell me where the freezes are coming from. Is that even possible? If not, does anybody have any other tricks that we could use to diagnose frozen backends?

fyi : the "frozen" instances have varied levels of memory from 150mb to 250mb i.e. it could be a memory leak but the memory numbers don't really support that, they consume zero cpu when frozen and process no new tasks.

Thanks for your attention and help, Steve

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In the past I've used Java VisualVM. You can attach it to a remotely running JVM and use it to take memory dumps and check out CPU/Thread usage, etc. It's really handy for figuring out stuff like this.

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Thanks for the heads up but I don't think this can be attached to a GAE backend right? – Steve Buikhuizen Jan 22 '12 at 1:05
I've never used GAE, but I would assume that they either allow access to the server instance or have some remote debugging capability. – Scott Faria Jan 22 '12 at 1:47

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