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Im after some advice on building an application for my business. We want to create an Asset Management and Equipment Inspection application that would be linked. We have quite specific needs hence why we will be building in house.

I've read quite a bit about n-tier applications and had made my mind up to go with tableAdapters and strongly typed datasets. Ideally we want to be able to write the DAL and forget about it, then work on the UI and BLL. However i've been reading more info regarding Entity Framework, and also linq to sql.

About the application. It will be maybe 15 tables deep be used by roughly 10 users. We have 3 locations that will be expanding to possibly 6 in the next few years. We would like to be able to make it portable to mobile device (or at least parts of it). I dont imagine that after the initial setup it would see more than 100 hits per day, so maybe 1000 hits to the DB?

Would strongly typed datasets and table adapters be ok for this? The amount of code it would save would be of great benefit, but this app will need to last at least 5 years and be quite scalable.

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Each of the ORMs mentioned would work just fine for your target application.

However my recommendation would be that you dont really want to use a dated framework in a brand new application unless you have a really good reason. Entity Framework is the newest (and probably best supported) of the ORM frameworks you have listed. Its very easy to use and performs well.

I would also recommend you looking into an IoC (Inversion of Control) framework to help structure and modularise your application. This will make it much easier to reuse components later on and helps with the structure of your solution.

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Hey thanks for giving it a go with the response Luke. Not sure what the problem was with the mods and them feeling the need to close? I guess they can blow me! – Andrew MacNaughton Jan 22 '12 at 19:47

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