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I would like to install the php-intl extension for PHP on my Mac. I know the current PHP installation was installed with the OS (Mac OS X 10.6).

So I am wondering if I install the php5-intl package using Macports, will it install a second version of PHP (which I don't want), or will it upgrade my existing installation?

If I can't upgrade my current PHP installation that way, how can I proceed?

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Installing the MacPorts php5-intl port will install PHP's intl extension for use with MacPorts php5, which it will also install; you'll also get MacPorts' copy of the apache2 server. MacPorts is designed to be self-contained; it's not designed to modify or integrate with any software components Apple provided with your OS. This is a good thing; Apple occasionally makes unexpectedly changes to their OS components which could break things installed by MacPorts.

If you want to give MacPorts apache2 and php5 a try, check out the MacPorts MAMP guide in the wiki.

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