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When I created a preferences xml file (by right-clicking the project name, selecting | New | Other | Android XML File, and then selecting "Preference" from the "Resource Type" spinner in the "New Android XML File" dialog), it saved it in res/xml rather than res/layout. Is this as it should be?

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Yes, the preference xml file should be in the res/xml directory.

The res/layout directory, as the name suggests, is only for layout xml files.

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Thanks; a preferences xml file does seem rather like a layout file to me, though - after all, you are manipulating the UI of the Preferences screen therein, right? –  B. Clay Shannon Jan 21 '12 at 3:20
You don't really manipulate the UI of the Preferences screen, you just fill in what kind of preferences you want and the pre-prepared layout is filled in for you. Your layout files, however, actually define where on the screen things are laid –  HXCaine Jan 21 '12 at 12:48
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By Default the SharedPreference file is store in to the respective Project directory with that preference name and with xml formate.

If you want to see that file or view the data of that file in Eclipse then do as below:

goto FileExplorer in DDMS of Eclipse then


Here, abc.xml is your preference file that you have created during the application execution. Now copy that file to the PC and you can view the data and its value that you have saved to the shared_prefs.

Enjoy. :)

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You should also check out the documentation. you will certainly need it.


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