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I am looking for information on how to build out a custom authentication provider. I have to interface with a rather odd authentication/authorization scheme and it would be nice if it just “plugged” into Any links would be helpful.

I figured out how to write a custom Authorize attribute, but how to get the authentication part in?

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In ASP.NET authentication is typically implemented as a MembershipProvider while authorization is typically implemented as a RoleProvider. Both can then be augmented by a ProfileProvider if you need to display extra information from a user's account.

Each of your custom providers (you may only need the first, but it depends on your needs) can then be configured in web.config.

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Thanks, I will review these docs. – Karl Strings Jan 23 '12 at 16:14

When it comes to MVC, you can install the NuGet package FluentSecurity and decorate all controller actions with the HandleSecurityAttribute. Afterwards, you only have to configure an appropriate Func<bool> in FluentSecurity's GetAuthenticationStatusFrom method. For more information, please refer to my blog post Securing an ASP.NET MVC Application using FluentSecurity.

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Thanks, I will check this out. – Karl Strings Jan 23 '12 at 16:10

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