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I've been reading the Google Maps API docs to see if it's possible to tell the difference between a system event vs. a user one?

For example, the zoom_changed event gets triggered when you use methods like setZoom, fitBounds, etc, which in my implementation is unsavoury, as I just want to know when the user actually changes the zoom level.

Unfortunately, the click event is only fired on the map itself, not the controls, so you can't rely on that method to help detect the users input.


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Although I haven't been able to solve this using the Google Maps API, I have created a workaround which involves me calling this method before I change the map zoom or positioning without user interaction:

MapGraph.prototype.systemMove = function() {
  var _this = this;
  this.isMoving = true;
  return setTimeout(function() {
    return _this.isMoving = false;
  }, 500);

And my event bindings look like this:

google.maps.event.addListener(this.map, 'dragend', function(event) {
  if (!_this.isMoving) return _this.mapChanged();

Not perfect, but it does work.

Would love to see any other implementations though.

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