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I'm wondering if I can write is_numeric($action) someway like this:

switch ($action):
    case NULL:

CASE INTEGER: is not working.

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What are you trying to accomplish? I'm not following. – Jonathon Reinhart Jan 21 '12 at 5:19
If $action is an integer... any valid integer. – oaziz Jan 21 '12 at 5:20
Why don't you just use is_numeric()? – Jonathon Reinhart Jan 21 '12 at 5:23
Are you looking for ctype_digit()? It's more strict on what it considers a number. – Matt Wilson Jan 21 '12 at 5:24
is_numeric() returns true or false that's why Case integer will not work ? – Code Lღver Jan 21 '12 at 5:55
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I am assuming you want to do a type switch on an input value.

Theoretically you cannot use gettype due to the giant red warning:

Never use gettype() to test for a certain type, since the returned string may be subject to change in a future version. In addition, it is slow too, as it involves string comparison.

Instead, use the is_* functions.

Just between you and me, I expect it will work for at least a decade or so. But it makes you feel dirty, it's true.

In the quest for something officially supported, we might turn to this:

function get_type_stable($var) {
    $types = array('array','integer','double','string','object','resource','null');
    foreach($types as $type) {
        $typechecker = 'is_'.$type;
        if($typechecker($var)) {
            return $type;

switch(get_type_stable($var)) {
    case 'integer': // whatever
    case 'null': // etc
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switch uses equality, not identity ("Note that switch/case does loose comparision [sic]."), so even the first part of your example doesn't work the way you would expect it to.

Consider the following:

function checknull( $var )
  switch( $var )
    case null:
      echo '$var is null!';


All of the calls to checknull() in the above code will result in the text "$var is null!" being output.

As noted in other answers, an if...else will probably serve your purposes better here.

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No, you can't do case INTEGER. NULL is a specific value, INTEGER is a data type.

You'd need to use an if statement with is_int().

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Does it need to use a switch statement? What's wrong with a simple if/else block?

if ( is_numeric($action) ) {
    // $action is numeric; perform relevant actions
} else {
    // it's not numeric.
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If you want to know if a string is a valid integer you could use ctype_digit()

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This works, but you have to cast the value to a string. ctype_digit(123) returns false, whereas ctype_digit((string)123) returns true. – user212218 Aug 2 '12 at 16:43

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