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I am dealing with an unbound DataGridView control. It is working quite well in most ways but I have one problem: I cannot add a second row via the UI after adding the first row (this is different from the other question in which the author was adding rows programmatically). I have placed Console.Writeline() statements (I am developing a control in a test app) and have noticed that at the same time that I cannot get a response trying to add a row the second time, I also no longer get RowValidating and other events. It is like all the events have been disabled. I can still edit cells of existing rows, I just cannot add a row the second time.

I have searched for information on this but have come up empty--hence this post. BTW, I am using .NET 3.5 and cannot use .NET 4.0 for external compatibility reasons.

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I discovered the problem. It was a misconfiguration of the DataGridView. In particular, it was setting the Row Template attribute ReadOnly to true. This attribute affects added rows to the grid thus only the rows added were read-only and thus could not be changed to add more rows. Once I set that to "false" (as in the screenshot), it all worked.

enter image description here

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