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I am attempting to add Task objects/records into AWS S3. I have installed Force.com for Amazon webservices.

I wrote the following trigger code

trigger S3Insert on Task (before insert) { Task[] TaskList = Trigger.new; for(Task t :TaskList) { AWS_S3_ExampleController c = new AWS_S3_ExampleController(); c.constructor(); c.createBucket();
} }

But i get exception

Class.AWS_S3_ExampleController.createBucket: line 239, column 1 Trigger.S3Insert: line 9, column 1 05:36:00.224 (224038000)|FATAL_ERROR|System.FinalException: ApexPages.addMessages can only be called from a Visualforce page

Any pointers would be appreciated

edit: I see the debug log displaying "Callout from triggers are currently not supported". Any idea why?

Thank you Sameer

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I think I have answer described @ http://boards.developerforce.com/t5/Apex-Code-Development/Callout-from-triggers-are-currently-not-supported/td-p/108871

Need to write the callout code in another Apex class which has @future annotation for the static void method making the callout. Call this method from the trigger.

regards Sameer

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