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I have a rails app that's using the ruby-ejs gem to compile js templates which I am then using in my backbone views.

I would like to use some view helpers to create form elements, such as select tags, within my templates. I found some EmbeddedJS View Helpers here but I don't know how to go about using them in my templates.

Is this possible?

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Turns out this was not as difficult as I thought.

I simply included the ejs.js and view.js files from the EmbeddedJS project here and I was able to use the select_tag helper using the full namespace.

<%= EJS.Helpers.prototype.select_tag('example', selected_value, choices) %>

There's probably a better way to access the helper method. I'll post an update once I figure that out.

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if you are using express I recommend you use my version of ejs view helpers https://github.com/tanema/express-helpers

you can initialize them like this

var helpers = require('express-helpers')(app);

then in your ejs view use the select tag like this

    var choices = [ 
            {value: 1,text: 'First Choice' }, 
            {value: 2,text: 'Second Choice'},
            {value: 3,text: 'Third Choice'}  
<%= select_tag('mySelectElement', 2,  choices) %>

which creates:

< select id='mySelectElement' value='2' name='mySelectElement'>
    < option value='1' >First Choice</option>
    < option value='2' selected='selected'>Second Choice</option>
    < option value='3'>Third Choice</option>
< /select>
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