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I know this is a little petty, but... On Windows 7, the default foreground color for ListViewItems is, for whatever reason, dark blue. This confuses and infuriates me. I would like to make my ListViewItems have black text. But if I set my TextBlocks in the DataTemplate to have Foreground="Black", then it looks weird on Windows XP, since the Foreground of the selected item is supposed to be White on XP; with Foreground="Black" it's quite hard to read. Is there some way I can set the Foreground to Black only on the Aero theme and not on the other themes?

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What about if someone uses a theme that you have not tested? You cannot control every single theme.
I suggest you to build your own ControlTemplate to achieve your desired visualization. In this way your controls will be displayed in the same way in all situations.

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I really don't see how that's relevant. I'm not trying to control every single theme. I'm only trying to control one theme: the one the majority of my users will see. –  Paul Accisano Jan 21 '12 at 17:12

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