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I am using MVC3, in which I have a page let say Home.cshtml with <Ul></Ul> tag. Now I have 5 Partial View with li and some html. Partial view are based on permission, I have this code in my controller.

List<IPermissionEntity> list => This return me list of permission.id of that user.

From DataBase I got Id, PartialView Name.

Now how can I call Partial View if permission.id = 1 then a particular partial view render. If permission to view two or three partial Views then how can i see them. I am trying with foreach loop and taken PartialView Name and trying to putting in @Url but still I am stuck for the same.

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To render partial views, I think you want @Html.Partial, not @Url:

@foreach (var permissionEntity in permissionEntities)
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