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How to compare two values of type System.Object by value?

How to do the following:

void Validate(Type t, Object obj)//t is always a Basic type like System.Int32, System.DateTime, System.String, etc.
    Object value = Convert.ChangeType(obj, t);
    Object minValue = Convert.ChangeType(this.MinValue.Value, t);
    Object maxValue = Convert.ChangeType(this.MaxValue.Value, t);

    if (!(minValue >= value && value >= maxValue))
        throw new Exception(".....err...message.....");
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Basic value types like Int32 implement IComparable:

IComparable value    = (IComparable) Convert.ChangeType (obj, t) ;
IComparable minValue = ...
IComparable maxValue = ...

if (minValue.CompareTo (value) > 0 || maxValue.CompareTo (value) < 0)
    throw ...
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System.Object as got no propertiese whoes values you can compare. surely enuf you can check the values that are returned by the function every object has.

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You could use the fact that the types you have listed all implement the IComparable interface.

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Instead of object/var use dynamic ...

dynamic minValue = Convert.ChangeType(this.MinValue.Value, t);
dynamic maxValue = Convert.ChangeType(this.MaxValue.Value, t);
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