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Say I have a couple of source files (, foo.h, bar.c, bar.h, baz.c, baz.h). I want to bundle them together by making a zip file that contains those files by simply typing scons zip. In addition, those files have to be inside a src/ directory in the zip file.

How should I proceed? I've looked at the Mkdir(), Copy() etc. commands in the Scons user manual, but I have no idea how to bundle them together in a single target.

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Here's a very simple SConstruct to do what you want. You'll have to modify it for your real source layout and you probably don't want to create a src/ directory at the root of your project.

# list of source, header files
files = ['foo.h', 'foo.c', 'bar.h', 'bar.c', 'baz.h', 'baz.c']

# create the directory structure for the zip file
pkg_files = Install('src', files)

# create the zip file
z = Zip('', pkg_files)
Alias('zip', z)

You can find more information about the Zip Builder on the SCons man page.

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