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Here I am with my first post. My issue is that the callback function of my main animate isn't running one time as it is suppose to, but severeal times (7). I do not understand why. Thank you in advance for your replies. Cheers. Marc.

$('#wrapper li').click(function(){

   //Here I declare my varaiables

   $('#wrapper li').slice(startLi,endLi).animate({
            "left": '-='+leftDistance},
            "fast",function() {
            "left": "+=200px"},
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You can use stop() to change that behavior by putting that before animate function:


Also see:

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The documentation for animate() says the callback function is called once for each animated element.

If you animate seven elements, it will be called seven times.

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Hello Frédéric, Safraz's tip helped me solve my problem, and your info helped me understanding it. Thank you very much! –  Marc Jan 21 '12 at 11:45

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