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I use C++ and swig to do some calculations. To simplify it, lets assume it looks like this:

struct TestIt{
  TestIt(float x):x(x){};
  inline float& getIt() {return x;};
  float x;

Now I want to use the the getIt() function and print the float value.


testee = matching.TestIt(42)

I get

<Swig Object of type 'float *' at 0x1cb1690>

which makes sense, because getIt returns a reference. How can I dereference it/get a python float out of it (without changing the c++ code)?

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Have a look here and here. You'd write something like this in your SWIG module:

%pointer_class(float, floatp)

That will let you do this in your Python code:


You will need to change your SWIG module, or write one if you are swigging the C++ header file directly. But you can probably get away with simply including your C++ header from there.

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The link to cointer.i of the current swig verson (2.0) – thorink Jan 21 '12 at 13:10

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