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When using silverlight in a browser is there anyway to switch xaml pages? I'm also wondering how to go about using my encryption class I've wrote in c# to validate users in silverlight. Any help would be much appreciate!

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If you're using Silverlight 3 Beta then what you're looking for is the Navigation system using the Frame and Page controls. There are lots of tutorials available online for this.

In Silverlight 2 the easiest solution is to replace the RootVisual with a Panel (like Grid or Canvas) and have your own code to switch the child elements (which are usually your own UserControls).

There's a good tutorial available at Flawless Code

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We are using Jesse Liberty's method of doing the page switching in SL2. It is explained here. Jesse Liberty SL2 page switching

It also look or feels a lot like how SL3 does it with the Navigation mentioned above.

Caution: If you do this, the back button on the browser will need to be handled - users will exit out of your SL2 app when hitting the back button. SL3 has built in support for handling and responding correctly to the back button.

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