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I'm trying to install the curb gem in my Mac OSX Lion. I tried all solutions cited here already, like Having Issues with Curb gem on Mac Snow Leopard

my environment ruby 1.9.2 (rvm), mac OSX Lion, Xcode installed, lib curl (through sudo port install curl +universal command) installed.

the results from bundle install and my lib curl path is in this gist:

based on my lib curl installation (as well on gist) I did try as well this compile command:

rake install EXTCONF_OPTS='--with-curl-dir=/opt/local/include/curl --prefix=/opt/local'

which failed. any idea?

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Can't replicate this with the current github master (which is 0.8.0 +). extconf.rb uses curl-config. Is macports in your path before /usr/bin (lion ships with curl)? As the rake message says, we'd need the mkmf.log lines relevant to curlinfo_redirect_time. failing ... – smparkes Jan 21 '12 at 17:34
i did update my gist with mkmf.log output. it says that execvp: No such file or directory.. – VP. Jan 21 '12 at 23:36

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