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Is there an easier way to this update?

UPDATE mailbox SET toNew = 1, toDelete = 0 WHERE msgID = 1 AND msgFrom = 1

UPDATE mailbox SET fromNew = 1, fromDelete = 0 WHERE msgID = 1 AND msgTo = 1

I tried using an IF but it didn't work...

UPDATE mailbox SET IF(msgTo = 1, toNew, fromNew) = 1, toDelete = 0 WHERE msgID = 1

Any ideas?

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This could do the trick, though I prefer your original queries as they are more readable IMO

UPDATE mailbox SET toNew = IF(msgTo=1,1,toNew), toDelete = IF(msgTo=1,0,toDelete), fromNew = IF(msgFrom=1,1,fromNew), fromDelete = IF(msgFrom=1,0,fromDelete) WHERE msgID=1
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I agree they are more readable but would one query not be faster than two? I am not pre-optimising, but it just stumbled me that this kind of IF after SET did not work! – Jan 21 '12 at 15:37 SQL is very trict that way – Dor Shemer Jan 21 '12 at 15:38
This worked a treat! Thanks. When I actually see it like this, it does seem more logical this way. – Jan 21 '12 at 15:44

I'm not 100% sure about what logic you want (based on what flags and what permutations you have), but you can try something like this

UPDATE mailbox 
    toNew = msgFrom, 
    fromNew = msgTo,
    toDelete = CASE WHEN msgFrom = 1 THEN 0 ELSE toDelete END,
    fromDelete = CASE WHEN msgTo = 1 THEN 0 ELSE fromDelete END
   msgID = 1;
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Thanks, just seeing if this works also. – Jan 21 '12 at 15:49

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