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I have build and sent my app to apple store (mac apple store)

But when I go to organizer and when I try to share > and save it as package it's ok but when I run the package I get a error message, "this pachage can't be installed" if I share it as .app file it works okay. Is that normal? I sent the file to apple via xcode what will they receive .app file or pkg?

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It is normal. These packages aren't meant to be distributed to users but only to test the App Store purchase and installation process, see the Tools Workflow Guide for Mac:

"Before you submit to the Mac App Store, you should test the installation process to verify that your app installs correctly. You can do this by saving the installer package to your disk and running a test using the installer command before submitting it."

Users who purchase/load your apps via the App Store will be able to install it. You can test this on the package you've created and saved locally with:

sudo installer -store -pkg path-to-package -target /

If you want to create a package to be distributed to users, use the PackageMaker that is part of Xcode (it's included in the Auxiliary Tools).

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