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I'm trying to match the numbers inside ('')

$linkvar ="<a onclick="javascript:open('597967');" class="links">more</a>"

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Your regex will only match if the string is exactly one digit. To match only the digits inside the quotes, use:

preg_match("/'(\d+)'/", $linkvar, $result);
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Your regex only matches if the entire string is made up of one number because of the ^ and $ modifiers. Your current regex translates in human language to:

  1. ^ means "this is the start of the string"
  2. [0-9] means "match a single numeric character"
  3. $ means "this is the end of the string"

Change it to:


Or alternatively, the shorthand syntax for matching numbers:


The + modifier means that "one or more" numbers must be found in order for it to be a match.

Additionally, if you want to actually capture the numbers inside the string you'll need to add parentheses to inform preg_match that you actually want to "save" the numbers.

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The ^ and $ match the start and end of the string, which means you are currently searching for a string containing ONLY a single digit. Remove them and add a plus quantifier, leaving just "[0-9]+", and it will find the first group of digits in the string.

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