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Edit: I have this line:

$comments = "".$articles[$index]->getId();

And if I put it here it works out in the title tag, but not on the link or guid tags.

fwrite ($fp, "<item>\n");
fwrite ($fp, " <title>$title</title>\n");
fwrite ($fp, " <link>$comments</link>\n");
fwrite ($fp, "<guid>$comments</guid>\n");
fwrite ($fp, "</item>\n");
fwrite ($fp, "</channel></rss>\n");
fclose ($fp);

For some reason it takes out the "&param" part of the link ($comments).

Thanks everybody.

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What class is $articles initiated from ? – alex May 21 '09 at 22:12
It the same loop as in the site, it works ok. – jcslzr May 21 '09 at 22:45

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Could be your parser failing to error correct properly. You haven't, for instance, escaped your ampersands. Ask Feed Validator what is wrong.

If you want to write an XML file, use an XML tool, don't munge together strings.

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If I;ve understood you correctly and your want the link to comments:

$comments = "YOUR_WEBSITE_HERE/index.php?action=comments&param=".$articles[$index]->getId();

you should probably also use <link rel="replies" for the link, every one loves semantics!

Hope that helps,


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Thanks it works, I just want also to embedded with the $title so when people click the title link they go directly to the comments page. Regards, – jcslzr May 21 '09 at 22:46

Ok, what I had wrong is I had to change & to &amp;.

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