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Rails relies on:

  • actionmailer = 3.2.0
  • actionpack = 3.2.0
  • activerecord = 3.2.0
  • activeresource = 3.2.0
  • activesupport = 3.2.0
  • bundler ~> 1.0
  • railties = 3.2.0

Each of these gems rely on gems of its own etcetera etcetera. Does anyone have a source or the skills to write a script to figure this out quickly?

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Try this:

gem dependency rails --pipe | gem dependency $1

This will traverse the dependency tree for the rails gem.

If you have multiple versions of rails installed, then do something like:

gem dependency rails -v 3.2 --pipe | gem dependency $1

Spoiler: Rails relies on a ton of other gems.

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Make a Gemfile with only one gem:

gem 'rails', '3.2.0'

(You will also have to list the gem source)

Then run:

bundle install

Then open Gemfile.lock and see what gems are listed. If you open in a text editor which displays line numbers, you can figure out the number without counting, just by looking at the line numbers of the first and last gem listed.

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